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Join us as we Chase Sport Fish around the globe

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World Game Fishing Tour
June 2024 to whenever 2029

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canoes at the back of November Rain
World Class Sportfishing

  Vanuatu, Australia, Solomons, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Andaman Islands, Maldives, Seychelles, Mauritius, Madagascar, The Med, Azores, Madeira, Canary Islands, Cape Verde, Brazil, Caribbean, Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, U.S., French Polynesia, Samoa, Tonga, not to mention the chance of discovering unmarked grounds

Blue Water Expedition

Blue water and coastal cruising aboard a comfortable and well equiped long range sportfisher catamaran.  Experience the incredible adventure  of  cruising through multiple countries, traversing oceans and transiting the Panama Canal, all while stopping for a fish in the world's hot spots for marlin and other species. You'll learn the basics of seamanship, and garner sea miles if professional mariner qualifications is your goal

Local Culture

Come live the nomadic life. Explore the cultural diversity of foreign lands, discover new foods, experience land-based adventures and meet people who'll leave a lifetime impression. While crewing aboard November Rain,  you'll avoid the tourist traps and live cheaply, while getting out of the hostel rut. You'll learn new seamanships skills and new fishing techniques 

Crew Opportunities

We are seeking fishing enthusiasts who want to join us as crew members as we travel around the global's hottest fishing zones. Two weeks to three months commitments available.  Choose a destination and time frame that suits your schedule from our calendar and email us with your interest. 

Our Itinerary 

Check out our schedule and message us on your interest for dates and locations. Our schedule is written in sand at low tide, so keep checking back if our dates don't initially line up with yours. Interest lists are being compiled for future destinations. 

Interactive Map

Click on the box to open list of Destinations. Click on a Destination to see expected dates of travel and Route
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