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Become a Crew Member and Fish the World's Top Destinations

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

Are you a fishing enthusiast looking for the ultimate adventure? Join us aboard our 56' Catamaran, November Rain, as a volunteer crew member as we travel and fish our way through the world's top destinations. Our adventure is expected to take 2 to 5 years, as we circumnavigate our way around the world, beginning in our home country of New Zealand.

Our route is designed to allow us to follow favourable wind and sea conditions, while arriving into our key destinations at the peak of the game fishing seasons. In some cases, this strategy requires us to back track parts of the route. We will spend any where from 2 weeks up to 3 months in a location before moving on. Some of our travels will entail easy coastal hopping, anchoring in favourable anchorages and marinas along the way. More challenging, the off shore cruising, where the boat is run at open sea for days at a time and everyone takes a turn at night watch shifts on the helm. The longest route is from Mexico to the Marquesas in the South Pacific, with a journey of 13 days at sea. Most off-shore cruising will be three to seven days.

Of course, all travel is dependent upon a infinite variety of factors such as weather, seasons, condition of the boat, availability of the crew, local laws and customs so our travel dates are to be determined by the previously named conditions.

As a crew member, you will have the opportunity to join the adventure and experience the thrill of fishing in some of the most pristine locations in the world. The catamaran is equipped with twin diesel engines and advanced fish-finding technology, including the Simrad Omniscan sonar. With these tools at your disposal, you'll have the best chance of reeling in that trophy marlin or other prized catch. But being a crew member on November Rain is not just about fishing. It's about being part of a team and sharing in the daily chores and boat duties. While crew positions are unpaid, the experience and camaraderie you'll gain are priceless. You'll learn the ins and outs of life on a motor catamaran and develop valuable skills that will enhance your fishing abilities. It's important to note that crew members are responsible for their own travel costs to and from the boat's location as well as personal expenses and a share of meal costs. However, the adventure and memories you'll create will make it all worthwhile. Imagine the stories you'll have to share with your fellow fishing enthusiasts when you return home. So, if you're ready to embark on the fishing adventure of a lifetime, visit the Great Marlin Hunt website for more information about crew positions, expectations, and costs.

Man holding trophy Kingfish

Two men preparing bait
Garry and Mitch preparing baits

Three men hooked up to marlin
Triple hook up on the Wanganella Banks

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