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On the Hard

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

Only 4 weeks remaining, before we depart New Zealand for six months of cruising and game fishing the South Pacific Islands, and our boat, November Rain, is still on the hard.  Originally, we expected to only have her out of the water for only a couple of weeks, to slap on the anti-foul paint,  fix a leaky rudder seal, and give the twin 230 HP Yanmar motors a nice birthday cleanup.  But as happens with boats, when you start pulling things apart, you will always find things that you didn’t expect. Our props and rudder shafted are badly pitted from electrolysis (a bad ground was discovered and repaired months ago, but the damage was already done).

B-O-A-T means: Break Out Another Thousand.  We just happen to

Garry’s mates have been awesome, helping us with engine cleanup, anti-fouling, and just all around plain dirty and heavy work.   A big shout out to Shawney, Kerry, Tony, Glen, Bobby, Mike, Warren and Barry for their help these past few weeks.

The photo shows Garry (in his orange safety jacket) and the two twin diesels loaded onto the crane truck.  We carted the engines home, where Garry cleaned, painted and replaced hoses and belts.  Only three bolts remaining, once the engines were reassembled!  Fingers crossed…

All I ever wanted was a nice two bedroom home with a two car garage….

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